Asking questions will transform your marketing

“The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.“ – Socrates

Asking questions is an integral aspect of marketing. Unfortunately, the art of asking enlightening questions is rarely taught outside of journalism and psychology courses.

Here are three reasons to add the art of asking questions to your marketing repertoire. 

  • It gets your audience talking.

I use this often on my social media pages. It’s an easy way to get audience interaction. It can be an effective way to understand what drives your audience and it opens up an avenue for new content ideas. Most importantly, it gives you insights into what your audience wants to hear. 

Plus, people enjoy talking about themselves, which in turn gets an audience to look favorably at a page.

  • It invites new perspectives.

Being human, our brains like to make generalizations. Then our brains fight like hell to maintain these generalizations. Hello, cognitive dissonance!

But asking yourself questions is a way to bypass this loop. It’s difficult to understand your audience without leaving some of these generalizations behind.

  • It minimizes faults in strategy.

Why will this content work with rural, middle-class moms? What time are 40-50-year-olds checking Facebook? Is this color scheme aggressive or relaxed? How will this ad lead customers to our website, etc?

These types of questions are invaluable for creating a solid strategy. The more questions asked the more issues reveal themselves and strategic decisions are reinforced.