6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Presence

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to find the time to post on social media. Whether it’s the mountain of paperwork on your desk or Quickbooks staring you in the face, there’s always something going on.

Social media shouldn't be an afterthought.

Having a strong social media presence is one of the most vital aspects of business in the 21st century. Here are six reasons why your business needs a social media presence.


6. Strengthens brand loyalty

It’s human nature to stick to specific brands. Brand loyalty makes shopping easier. 

Instead of wasting precious time at the store comparing different deodorants, it’s easier to grab the Old Spice. Because you know it works, you’ve used it before. Why risk trying out another brand? You don’t want your co-workers carpet-bombing the office with Febreze because of your bad purchasing decisions. 

Social media strengthens brand loyalty. When customers are able to engage with your posts, it builds a perceived connection, and new posts in their newsfeed remind customers of your existence.

5. Spreads news updates

Have you ever struggled spreading news about new business hours or new products in stock? 

Posting on social media helps your news reach its intended audience without spending a ridiculous amount of money on newspaper ads or in-store signage. 

With billions of people on social media platforms (Facebook itself has two billion users), there’s a high probability your audience is on a social media platform. 

As one of my advertising professors at Bradley University told me, “aim for where their eyes are.” Customers are unable to read your message if they don’t see it. Social media opens up a new avenue of communications.

Word of caution: Don’t make all your posts promotional. It gets exhausting hearing someone constantly trying to sell something. The 80/20 rule is golden. 

4. Your competitors are using it

Face it. Your competitors likely have a social media presence. 

While you lack a social media platform, your competitors are reaping the rewards of social media and latching onto your audience, giving your competitor an advantage. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, also let you monitor competitor’s activities, so you can see what posts work on their page, and look for any opportunities where you can offer a better price, etc.



3. Customer Service

Social media opens up a new avenue for customer communication. 

People can directly communicate with you through social media. You can answer their questions, joke around with them, ask for their opinion, and ultimately turn them into customers. 

Quality customer service creates solid brand loyalty. 

71% of customers who have a positive customer service experience via social media are likely to recommend that company. (Ambassador)

33% of customers would rather contact a company through social media than by telephone. (Ambassador)

2. Builds legitimacy

We live in a world full of online scams and products that fail to deliver their promised purpose. Customers need assurances. Otherwise, they might be skeptical. That’s why customers will search for specific product pages online. If customers see your brand doesn’t have a social media page, they will be skeptical. 

According to a study from Deloitte, “56 percent of consumers buying baby products are influenced by social media, compared to 40 percent for home furnishings, 33 percent for health and wellness and 32 percent for automotive.” 

A social media page like Facebook gives the customer the opportunity to look at product reviews from actual customers, making the exchange less risky. 

You can continue to build legitimacy by garnering a multitude of positive reviews.

1. Increases brand awareness

Social media will help your brand grow. 

Social media can connect your business with anyone around the world. The opportunities are endless. You can reach specific audiences you never thought were possible. 

Connecting your social media platforms to your website will also put your website higher in search engine rankings. 

These are just a few of the reasons why businesses need a solid, social media presence. Do you have any others to add? Leave some knowledge in the comments.