Why you need influencer marketing

You’ve heard of influencer marketing. The stories of teenage kids raking in millions of dollars from Instagram or Youtube, while Fortune 500 companies scramble to get their signatures on lucrative contracts. 

It happens, but it’s not what influencer marketing is about. With consumers more skeptical than ever, it’s important to build brand credibility. Influencer marketing can carve brand credibility into whatever niche you are targeting by garnering reviews of your product or service, mentioning its benefits, or making it hip.


Does it work? Yes. Like gangbusters. If done correctly, influence marketing is the most effective way of gathering followers.

Personally, I have used influencer marketing campaigns to kickstart grassroots movements in Washington D.C., gather important votes for congressional candidates, and to sell books for clients. It’s an incredible experience when your brand or organization gets covered by national news. 

Here’s why your business or organization needs influencer marketing.

Builds Credibility:

People are skeptical when it comes to purchasing goods. Consumers are bombarded with ads trying to sell them products. But without legitimate testimonials or five-star reviews in the product description why take the risk?

A stamp of approval from a credible influencer makes your brand the real deal. It guides your message through congested social media channels towards your niche.

High ROI

It can be cheap. Surprisingly cheap, with massive rewards.

We live in a content-saturated world. Blogs and other news sources’ material are crafted under the mantra of “what will get us the most clicks.” To gather a high number of clicks influencers often have to push out an ungodly amount of content. 

They are desperate for new content. 

Often sending them free product samples or a press release will be enough to get new coverage. After your brand gets coverage from one respected or influential source, it can have a snowball effect. Your chances of it being covered by more influencers increase exponentially. 

These are just a few of the reasons why businesses need influencer marketing. Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments.

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