How the new iPhone models will transform social media

Apple's influence on the world is immeasurable. The iPhone is the world's best selling phone and one of the highest selling products of all time. When Apple announces a new iPhone, it affects daily aspects of our lives. It also changes the ways we use social media.

Yesterday, Apple released the new iPhone 8, 8 plus, and iPhone X, which include extraordinary new features like upgraded cameras and facial recognition, along with a hefty price tag.

Here are three ways the new iPhones will change social media.

More Video

Video content is a growing trend in social media. Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes video, while Instagram has created Instagram Stories as a competitor to millennial favorite, Snapchat. Video accounts for 74% of online traffic. (insivia) This number is set to increase next year.

The new iPhones have an improved camera with higher frame rates for video. With improved video quality and less camera shake, users will create more videos. Small business owners and entrepreneurs with fewer resources will be able to create quality videos using only an iPhone.

If social media pages want to keep up, they have to add more video content to their social media strategy.

iPhone X

More Photos

Taking crisp photos will be easier than ever. Apple’s improved camera reduces noise and adds portrait lighting modes that digitally create special effects. Unlike Android's camera app, Apple’s lighting effects aren’t constructed using filters. Apple’s new scanning features are created by using new scanning features. (Here’s a video from Photos in Color describing the new features.)

With the new iPhone’s, our Instagram and Facebook news feeds will be littered with gorgeous photos. It will be vital for creators to use quality photos. Sun drenched, blurry images with washed out colors will be made painfully obvious.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality will shake up the marketing world. It allows customers to see what a new sofa will look like in their living room. Hair salon customers can try out a new haircut. Teachers will be able to create interactive 3D maps and lessons. The possibilities are endless. Apple's new face camera mapping software will bring these possibilities closer to reality.

It’s been a matter of which company can push augmented reality out to the masses first. Apple appears to have won. Augmented reality has accelerated the growth of platforms like Snapchat (its technology is limited.), and other social media platforms will likely hop aboard making augmented reality an integral part of social media marketing.


These are just a few ways the new iPhone models will transform social media marketing. Do you have any others to add? Leave some knowledge in the comments.

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