How to craft engaging content

With Facebook’s drop in engagement and Instagram not far behind, creating engaging content is a necessity. The days of followers seeing all of your content are over. Here are methods for creating engaging content.

  • Gamification

This is simple. Turn your content into a game. This peaks users’ curiosities and challenges them to engage. 

Have followers spot specific items in photos, similar to “Where’s Waldo?” Display two similar photos and ask users to spot the differences. 

Do you have any fun/awkward photos of your boss or employees? Turn it into a “caption this” game. 

  • Ask questions

People relish the opportunity to state their opinions. Posts with questions encourage engagement. 

Questions including “Which brand would you like to see us carry?” invite users to engage, and presents valuable insights into your audience.


  • Pay attention to analytics

Facebook insights is a powerful, free tool for gauging the effectivenesss of your social media content. Most other social media platforms have basic analytics. 

Pay attention to engagement rates on posts and you will understand what interests your audience. 

  • Add personality

People use platforms like Facebook and Instagram for entertainment. Who wants to follow a boring page?

Add emojis (sparingly), crack jokes, reply with funny gifs, post emotional stories, tell your story, etc. Be human. Avoid inauthentic car salesman talk.

It’s also important to keep a consistent brand personality. An inconsistent personality will be viewed as inauthentic. “Oh, this brand is trying to act like one of the cool kids.”


Have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear them.