Why you should consider using Facebook ads

While Facebook’s user base has grown to over a quarter of the world’s population, its advertising platform has also expanded. In 2016, Facebook brought in $6.8 billion from advertisement revenue. This will only increase as more people realize Facebook’s unbridled potential as an advertising juggernaut. 

Do Facebook ads work? Oh yes. According to HootSuite, “On Facebook, desktop ads have 8.1x higher click-through rates and mobile ads have 9.1x higher click-through rates than normal web ads.” I’ve used Facebook ads to sell houses, gain votes, get petition signatures, raise brand awareness, and more.

Here’s why your business should consider using Facebook ads. 


Bullseye Targeting:

Facebook uses some of these attributes to differentiate users.

  • income level
  • household makeup
  • zip code
  • political belief
  • hobbies
  • users actively looking to move
  • purchasing behaviors
  • user devices
  • education
  • job title

First, identify your preferred audience. If you know your audience, you can target them directly, without spending money on worthless clicks from users that will never buy your products. 

Cost Effectiveness:

Facebook ads are a cheap alternative to other methods of advertising. Facebook’s price per click is cheaper than Google ads while generating more traffic. 

For $50, you can post a Facebook ad that reaches twice as many people for a fraction of the cost of a newspaper ad. When was the last time you ordered a newspaper ad, only for it be tucked into a tiny corner of the page surrounded by ads? It’s happened to me, and it’s infuriating.

Also, as stated previously, with Facebook’s precise targeting your money won’t be wasted on users outside of your target demographic. 


Facebook advertising has a wide variety of tools to test the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. It allows businesses to post simultaneous ad campaigns that can be tested side by side. Facebook’s relevancy algorithm scores how relevant your ad is to the target audience. 

With Facebook’s analytics, unlike most traditional media, you get a clear picture of which ads work, using a wide range of data. This saves your business valuable time and money.

Facebook organic reach has plummeted:

The amount of followers that see your posts have taken a nose-dive. With over two billion users, Facebook has to limit what gets shown in Newsfeeds. Facebook’s algorithm decides what is interesting and what isn’t, recently Facebook has decided to put more posts from friends and family in newsfeed than businesses. 

Facebook’s advertising makes it easier for you to still reach your followers, even if your organic reach dwindles.

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